My "Travel Hangover"

I have such terrible travel hangovers... ya know that pain, when you get back from a trip, where everything around you hurts because it's here instead of there? That depression that your arrival home throws you into? That is my travel hangover. It happens after every last trip, without fail.

Just looking at these latest photos from jon + megan has made my heart hurt to that effect. I figured out that through all of my bills and commitments, there is only one that I can't get around - my student loans. Rent, car, insurance, etc... all of that could be sold / cancelled / put-off. Student loans are something I'm going to have to save-up because it won't go away, but my new goal - I'm putting it in writing! - is to save some money and take a trip like this. To get away and do something "for me" that involves traveling around for an extended period of time. Alone or with someone, it doesn't matter. Mark my words!

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Juddie said...

Oh yes! I have chronic travel hangovers that last for months and sometimes years! I also don't have enough money to travel again in the near future, but it makes for a fun and interesting goal.

Good luck with your plans :-)