Bon Voyage... and thanks for coming!

no photos allowed in gallery so here are a couple in the lobby.

As it was Brandon's last night in town we wanted to do something fun. Aside from the all day shooting bonanza him and Ben had at the range yesterday (we are in Texas!). Conveniently Thursday nights are free at the Dallas Museum of Art!! It was my first trip there and it was very cool... much larger than I expected too. My two favorite exhibits were the Stanley Marcus (founder of Neimans) photography exhibit and the study on decorative accessories (naturally).

The Photos from the Stanley Marcus exhibit were really groovy in every sense off the word, there were some very nostalgic pictures and although they were mostly of family and friends they captured time. His use of color was really great and there was one in particular i loved of ladies at a cocktail party in the 60's. You can buy the book here.

The study on the decorative accessories was mostly pottery and dinner ware but it was neat the way they laid it out in a timeline fashion. unfortunately it had no info up because they were still installing the exhibition.

There was also live jazz, cocktails and food in the lobby. The sun was setting and the lighting was really beautiful... hopefully a perfect way for Brandon to end his trip.

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