Cupcakes and Petit Fours, so girly!

I love cupcakes! I mean come on! What girl doesn’t? So, on the mantra of “we like to eat, it’s what we do!” I went to Dallas’ very groovy new installment of Sprinkles, Beverly Hills. And man, are they pretty, not to mention the very sleek interior. They have their cupcakes for everyday then they also have a schedule of special cupcakes they do only once, twice or three times a week.

I also discovered this very posh little place called Petit Fours. And they serve what else… but petit fours. Its very much a modern tea shop. It makes me thank my mother for sending me to Cotillion and etiquette class.

This all came in very handy because we are doing our photo shoot this week and needed to some props for some new cake stands we are shooting. So what will it be, the very pretty petit fours or the oh, so groovy cupcakes. I bought two from each shop tonight so that I could “try” them. i.e. bring ‘um in tomorrow and get opinions from the rest of the design team.

I’ll let you know the results tomorrow!


traphic signs said...
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traphic signs said...

I heard about the Sprinkles bakeries- and these are gorgeous- almost a waste to eat, but perfect for a photo shoot.