Agenda / Organizers

After seeing that kate spade planner in person, I'm not sold on it. It's way more flimsy and wimpy than I was expecting. BUT, I DO need a new planner and SOON before the one I have (boring) runs out of space and months to plan.

I need something that lays out each month in full-view. I don't need the daily information and all of that, just the months, and preferably something that goes a while in advance. I'm kind of tempted to make my own, I'm just not sure how I'd bind it. I made my own before and used the black plastic coil- not a fan, especially these days. I know FedEx does a wire binding, but I'm thinking about doing a full-on tape / book binding. Thoughts?

I saw some binders covered in linen on Uppercase, but I'm still thinking I'm going to be tired of that pretty soon. So, I'm looking at making my own- just probably the next year and a half in full-month views, some space for notes, and maybe a few other organizational tools I could provide for ME. Any thoughts?

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