C'est la vie!

Sadly my bedroom didn't make the cut for the Domino Decorating Contest. I didn't even make the bedroom slide show! Happily Joslyn cheered me up with her words of encouragment.

So since Domino won't publish me... here is the final photo I used and the short essay I sent in with it.

Art is in my heart… but there’s a curse on my purse. I don’t let a little thing like being cash-challenged get in the way of my love of design! A perfect Saturday is hunting for unique finds or a DIY project for my humble little apartment. The challenge is finding great pieces that I can take with me as I move up to bigger and better spaces, like the groovy wooden sculpture over my bed or the chair that I taught myself to reupholster during an afternoon project with my mom. I never want to settle for "quick-fix" disposable furniture.

Life goes on! maybe I'll win the spa trip! (I'm not going to hold my breath though)


traphic signs said...

that sunburst over your bed wasn't up when i was there- where's it from??

I'm sorry you didn't win... good schpiel, though.

traphic signs said...

that is a global views item that I snagged because it was missing the mirror in the center, so i turned it into a frame for art!