Christmas Cards

While I was looking at my 'check daily' list of blogs, I saw this image on poppytalk, of holiday cards. While I'm not ready for the christmas craze (mainly because I know what it will mean for my credit card balances) I couldn't help it but to get a little bit excited. I LOVE this card- Trees of the Architects. How appropriate & funny... I looked at all of them, trying to pick a favorite, but I just don't know that I can... I guess Michael Graves has the most humorous representation. Either way, I think it's great.

Of course I had to find a few possibilities of my own, then. Target usually has some decently cute cards, but either they don't this year or they aren't online or something because I found nothing. Of course I hit gold when I looked at the MoMA store- of course a museum on design and modern art would showcase some of the best christmas cards I've ever seen. I think this one is my favorite. Every year I buy a ton of cards and write them all out and even go so far as to stamp most of them, then I get distracted from finding the last few addresses I'm missing, and before I know it, it's February and that stack is still sitting on my desk. Better luck this year!

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