Graphically awesome

Spray Glue had an entry today with a tip off to check out Soia & Kyo. And I am so glad I followed that link! the website is so fun to navigate through. The coats are incredible and the graphics are awesome... too bad it's warmer in Dallas, or I would snatch up the Gemma coat real quick! Maybe one of the shorter cropped ones would be more practical. I love all the big collars and huge buttons on these coats... so fun.


traphic signs said...

I checked out the site- while I love most of the coats, I don't know that I could 'pull them off,' so to speak. Nor could I ever afford them, but they do look great. I think the larger buttons are great, but I really like the collars.

Spray Glue said...

Man, when i saw this site I honestly considered a sex change. The coats are gorgeous!! I need high collared navy dbl breasted coats for my NY out of africa trip.

any suggestions?