Halloween decor

I was looking around for some halloween decor to throw into the apartment, especially when we have guests in town... and after getting more and more irritated with the tacky "elegance" some of these stores expect you to use, I went back to hostess with the mostess and started looking through October of 06's archived blogs. Should've just started there. It directed me to, dare I say it, Martha Stewart's website. I've never been a huge fan, but good grief the woman knows how to do holidays.

I'm not sure how do make these lace pumpkins, because I don't know where to find a tool like the one shown, but... I've got plenty of time this weekend and am really in the mood for some cute and crafty little pumpkins. I think I'll do the glitter pumpkins, maybe set on white plates (since I already own them) between some candlesticks (which I'll also have to find... goodwill?) on our table.

Then, the cat idea (not Martha's)- not sure it's really my style... maybe if I had children or something... but I still think it's pretty awesome. NOW i'm inspired!

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traphic signs said...

the lace pumpkin is pretty awesome... very intricate though!! i want you to try it anyway.