Happy Birthday Neiman Marcus!

Neiman Marcus celebrates it's 100 years of existance. My mom and I visited the flagship store on sunday and saw over 20 exhibits they had to offer. It was like going to a museum, the visuals were incredible.

  • oversized chandeliers
  • Art of the future.. the pegs used a video camera to create a silhouette of the viewer
  • emmaculately carved table
  • funky hands desplayed on a rug bearing the Neiman's butterfly
  • Rietveld chair made of leggos, contributed by Droog design
  • Zodiac restaurant salute to the 100 years
  • elevator door pattern
  • Larry Kagan: shadow art
  • Future art: camera displays moving pixels of viewers on screen
  • Neiman tags cover the doors of elevators on floor 3
  • Future Jewelry- a nod to what jewelry could become
  • Wish Tree- guests are invited to write a wish on handmade butterfly shaped paper that contains wildflower seeds to be planted after the exhibit.
  • In the Center: 10' revolving manaquin with her dress made of old Neiman's adverts.

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suzanne said...

Too cool...incredible installations. I want to have this job.