More wedding photographs

You know I've mentioned how much I love Keeping Up With MK- the blog of photographer, Mary Kate McKenna- and checking in on all of her work, from weddings and engagement pictures to family portraits, it always amazes me how genuine her photos look- never cheesy and posed.

One of the recent posts she has on her site right now is from a wedding in Alexandria, VA, and below are a few of my favorites- you'll see why :)

love it!

I have a feeling the guy that I marry will look something like this on our wedding day:

it's the details that make it so great:

5 years ago, this photo wouldn't have existed... can't wait to see what happens in the next 5:

LOVE the red in the background:

Seeing this, my heart skipped a beat- GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!! :

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traphic signs said...

that is so your style... haha. ohio, coincidence? i thin not. it really is beautiful photography. lots of character and it shows!!