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I started to do this as a comment but thought it was worthy of a post so here it goes:
yea... that TJ, I think that would have pissed me off too! I think you should write an email. I used to listen to them and honestly sometimes I think they say things to get a rise outta people. However I think it is ignorance for him to say that!

My dad sent me this in an email this morning:

"Soapbox for the day, With “water” becoming the new “oil”, conservation will become incredibly important. Since fossil fuels are limited and have become the cause of global strife, wars, political dispute and rising economic worries, we need to encourage the exploration and use of solar energy! The technology exists and the looking at models across the world, some governments are giving economic incentives to develop solar energy (Germany) !!! (I saw a very good program on NOVA last night)"

Clearly its NOT a bandwagon!!

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