Salt Pig

I was on the FoodNetwork website looking up recipes and I ended up on the Nigella Lawson Living Kitchen site. She has some really simple yet beautiful kitchen items mostly made by Bliss Home.
Among many I found this salt pig (a sheltered home for your loose salt.) I thought it was really neat because I normally only have those sea salt grinders in my kitchen, so when it is time to measure out a teaspoon of salt it is a very pesky job of grinding it out and then dumping it into a teaspoon. (I get it, no REAL cook would ever do this.) So not only is this salt pig completely practical it looks lovely on your counter!

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traphic signs said...

This might be a stupid question, but a salt pig is...?

It looks like you've got a little stick to scoop out salt- which apparently sits inside the egg. I'm confused.