I keep meaning to post this so you can see the pictures of our showroom in High Point... It really was spectacular. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. you can see bigger versions on my photoset here.
And My personal favorite was the front window.... the ostrich is mechanical.


traphic signs said...

First of all, is that front window shot full-size? It's cool, but if it is- not quite sure of the scale- like...a full store-front size, thats AWESOME.

Second of all, I looked through the photos and am in love with the set-up with the red roses on the table in the vases... gorgeous, and love it.

Nicely done- always amazes me how different our fields are after going to school for the same thing- and it's nice to see glimpses explaining what you do... I'll try my best to post things up here as soon as I feel they are worthy :)


Joslyn said...

E -- Amazing. You ROCK