Stupid TJ...

This morning I was listening to Ace & TJ, and usually I try to avoid the morning-talks because either there's a girl with an annoying voice or a stupid listener calling in to try and relate with his / her off-the-wall story that doesn't ACTUALLY relate at all, or whatever... I try to keep my mornings calm with just music. I wish I had done the same this morning.

TJ was talking about a phrase that completely turns him off of a movie, situation, story, actor/ actress, musician, tv show, tv network, sports team, business, etc. Going Green. He was talking about how sick of hearing about it he was, and how he feels like it's more of a bandwagon-type thing. Everybody says it, but nobody really does the research to know what it's about, let alone the history that has built the craze. He went on to mention Al Gore's movie, "An Inconvenient Truth," and instead of praising it for creating awareness (no matter how many people followed in suit to do a bit of research), he criticizes it for having "at least a dozen lies."

Probably the worst comments followed as he mentioned Global Warming, saying that he can't believe so many people are blaming man-kind for global warming- for the planet being "a little bit warmer." Honestly. I sat there and all I could do is laugh. As a designer working with and around several people who are actively pursuing LEED accredidation, let alone "green-design" pursuits, it's almost impossible to take that kind of comment seriously. I thought about writing an email, but if Al Gore can't convince someone to open their mind up to the possibility that they can make a difference, I don't think I'm going to be able to right now either.


suzanne said...

This type of attitude totally ticks me off as well. It's the same with those who say "global warming is a hoax." Well....ok...believe what you want....but shouldn't one take care of their environment anyway? Aren't we the care givers of earth?

Danny Brooks said...

What “ticks me off” is how many people have fallen for the whole Global Warming phenomenon. The entire environmental protection movement was hijacked years ago by socialists and communists as a way to curb private property, chisel away at capitalism, and basically damage the very fabric that this country was founded upon. What better way to take away someone’s basic rights than to put the notion in their heads that they are responsible for natural disasters, from increased strengths of hurricanes and tsunamis to heating up the entire planet’s temperature so that glaciers are melting and polar bear cubs are dying. In the words of John Stossel “Gimme a Break!”

I know that facts to liberals are paramount to kryptonite to Superman, so you may want to stop reading at this point, especially if you have high blood pressure. Thirty years ago, the top scientists around the world (not unlike the same who are on the whole Global Warming bandwagon) were predicting that the earth was in a state of Global Cooling and went on and on about how many people would die because the crops that were planted around the world would have less days to grow before they had to be harvested. I guess Global Cooling wasn’t as sexy as Global Warming because shortly after we didn’t enter a new ice age, the same alarmist scientists poured themselves a big glass of shut-the-hell-up.

Defeated, they waited until the earth naturally went into an age in which the temperatures are naturally rising – something that has happened since the earth was created! Then, they came back in full force, led by the human robot himself, Al Gore. Gore was a sore loser after the U.S. Supreme Court had to step in to prevent the liberal Florida State Supreme Court from allowing the liberal Florida State Legislature from rewriting election laws once it became apparent that the 2000 presidential election results rested on the hanging, dimpled, and pregnant chads of the Sunshine State’s ballots. So, after crying and whining for several weeks in late 2000, he eventually conceded after every recount, before and after, showed that he was a loser. Like the defeated climatologists in the mid-70’s whose Chicken Little-like cries of “The sky is freezing! The sky is freezing!” didn’t catch on, Gore became the leader for the Global Warming cause. Of course, when he was in the White House with Clinton for 8 years, he didn’t seem to do too much then, did he? I guess it’s easier to complain about someone else in office than to ask your buddy Bill to do something like pass the Kyoto Accord that would severely hamper businesses all over the country. BTW, didn’t every single Senator vote against the Kyoto Accord during Clinton’s presidency? I thought so.

Even though man has no more control over Global Warming than we do over how hot the sun is or how far away the moon is, you do have to admire the ability of the media, Gore, and pretty much every leftwing actor in Hollywood who has jumped on the whole concept of “going green” and how they have managed to convince the sheeple in America to buy into what they’re selling without looking at the price tag. Not only have they guilted many adults into feeling bad for enjoying our way of life as compared to other countries – having our own homes, cars to drive where we want and when we want, having air conditioner in our homes and offices, being able to provide for our families and take the occasional vacation, and so on – but they have since gone after school children with their liberal nonsense, going as far as teaching them that because mommy and daddy use incandescent light bulbs, don’t turn off their water while taking showers, drive cars, and so on, that they are responsible for Global Warming that results in polar bear cubs and penguins dying each year. And like most liberals, grade school children tend to believe what they are told because they don’t have a fully developed brain that can rationalize situations and, for lack of a better term, wade thru the bullshit.

In a nutshell, Global Warming is nothing more than a tool of the liberals in this country – people who hate the United States of America, and everything that it stands for and was built upon – as well as people from other parts of the world who are simply jealous of what we have, both in terms of personal freedom and private property rights. Since the scientists and climatologists whose research is funded by government grants realize that they will lose their jobs if they speak out against Global Warming, naturally they continue to perpetuate the growing myth. However, most of the scientists who signed the Kyoto Accord that started a lot of this nonsense have since recanted their position of Global Warming because their results were cherry picked and manipulated much the same way that the recent results from more than 1,000 individual studies were manipulated to suggest that second hand smoke causes certain kinds of cancer when the original studies couldn’t even conclude that first hand smoke caused the same kinds of cancer. But thanks to the agenda of the media and other liberals, entire cities are now turning what was once an annoyance to some into cause to infringe upon the rights of individual property owners (as in, the restaurant and bar owners).

What better way to convince the masses to do something that a minority of people simply don’t like than to convince them and others that their actions are hurting the entire planet and killing off species of cute little animals? I’ve heard grown men say that they were raised in this era of Global Warming guilt and they actually felt bad – before learning that it was nothing more than a way to control them and how they lived their lives – about driving his car to work everyday in order to support his family. But this is exactly what the liberals want – people to feel bad enough to change their lifestyles. While they preach equality and say that everyone should have the same basic things in life, what they really want is everyone to be equal…equally miserable. Look at Gore himself. He lives in a Tennessee mansion that uses over 20 times more electricity than the average home and flies all over the world in his private jet. Yet, he talks repeatedly about how everyone else can leave a smaller carbon footprint by giving up their cars, changing their light bulbs, unplugging all of their appliances when they aren’t being used, and, if they are like him and can afford to enjoy the fruits of their labors and the freedoms that our forefathers died to provide for them, and as a way of easing their guilt, they can do like he does and use as much electricity as they want…so long as they send money to a company (which he owns, BTW) to plant trees in their name. I wonder how many of those trees are currently burning out of control in California, in part because of the years and years that the tree-hugging liberals refused to allow clear-cutting that would’ve eliminated most of the brush and old-growth trees that are currently on fire.

I doubt if anyone reading this is going to change their ideas about Global Warming. But maybe, just maybe, somebody will get off their arse and do a little research, other than at AlGore.com, CNN.com, ABC.com, etc., and learn a little more about Global Warming and other ridiculous attempts by liberals – from the media to Gore to actors – to control peoples’ lives. And the next time you’re watching your local evening news and the pregnant weather girl (oops, I mean the pregnant weather chick) comes on and shows that today’s high beat the record from 1892, ask yourself why it was so hot in 1892. How many SUVs were on the road back then? How many factories were spewing smog into the atmosphere? How many of your grandparents were destroying the earth back then? Of course, that same sort of logic can be applied to other things as well, like second hand smoke, for example. How many nonsmokers die of second hand smoke each year after being subjected to years and years of going on road trips as children with parents smoking in the front seat? Or, how many employees who worked in offices in the 70’s and 80’s where smoking was prevalent have since died because of second hand smoke? As a matter of fact, how many people have died as a direct result of second hand smoke? The answer…last chance to turn away before your little liberal ears start to bleed…is 0! Which, ironically, is how much of an impact man has on Global Warming…0%!

traphic signs said...

thank you suzanne! we should care about the place we live regardless of a "global warming" crisis... Danny Brooks, whoever you are, you've created a wave. congratulations?