Camper Store

Designer and Artist Jaime Hayon has used his illustrative style to create this 3d space (known as the Camper Store Milan.) Definitely check out his studio site... awesome!

The Camper stores all over the world are supposedly very different for a shoe store concept and each interior is supposedly a different adventure. I have only been to 2, one in NYC and one in Europe somewhere both were very different from this one.

Any way I really love the cartoon quality of it and although there arn't any huge incorparative architectual elements, I think the giant lamp shades are really awesome. I love them all clustered like that. Something about the white and the gold are pretty awesome. You can read more about it at DeZeen.


traphic signs said...

the top image reminds me of alice in wonderland :)

laceyJ. said...

Hi... thanks for the comment on my blog! Excited to explore yours. I've been to a Camper store in Milan, Italy, and it was such an experience. The design was very memorable!