Leavin on a Jet plane... (erin's travel bag #1)

So I have been out on a bit of a busy hiatus this week not being able to post much. It is about to get waaaay worse. The msrket season is starting and I am hittin the skies and heading out! First stop is Vegas on Monday. So, if I post a ton of things at one time you'll know why.

A thing that I thought would be cool is if I started to post "essentials" I travel with and things I wish I had to take with me while traveling. So I am going to start today.

One very important thing I always like to pack is the "LBD" this one I have picked out is from Forever 21. I thought it was way cute but mainly because I am on slave wages and that's all I can afford. This one is super fun because it is made of a sythetic fabric that will pack well. Since we never know if I've got a special dinner or outing you have to dress up for this is perfect with heels. Also it can be thrown on with some boots, and a cute sweater or coat and you are ready to go!!

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traphic signs said...

LOVE this idea, and love the dress- have fun in Vegas- if you win big, I'll let you make my next student loan payment :)

Where are you off to after Vegas?