I've got a terrible looking chair - please don't judge - a butterfly chair - sitting in my room right now. It's very clearly left-over from college / high school, and has seen it's day- part of the reason I don't feel too bad that it spends most of it's time covered in clothes.

I'm constantly on the hunt for a chair to replace it, or a bench or stool or something to take that spot. I want something danish-modern in style, and something I can reupholster. Something that has maybe wood legs and a seat and back that can be unscrewed to be re-covered. Oh, and I need it to be affordable. Might as well ask for the moon, right?

Well, in light of my newly-rekindled love for red, I would probably search for a retro fabric with a red theme to it for the chair (that has yet to be found). However, while looking at reprodepot, I found this fabric that speaks almost as highly- I love the combination of the grays and browns- finally- and exactly what I've got goin on in there right now!

So, if you find me the chair of my dreams, let me know. Until then, I'll of course settle for the Eames Rocker in red :)

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traphic signs said...

i like it alot!