recap of la la land

It was a very short trip that involved mostly work… and by mostly I mean 85%. However, in our very short off times we did a couple pretty groovy things. The first night we went to one of our favorites, Ciudad, a Cuban restaurant within walking distance of our hotel. The food as always was delicious, and I got a pretty good photo this time that Gregg and I were studying on the loooong plane ride home. I think the thing we thought was most interesting is the interior is simple but the use of design in section is a good lesson for all of us (Patrick will be proud to hear!)

We had a couple meals in our hotel, The Standard, which is plenty of eye candy in itself… I have several photos of the lobby, the restaurant, and our rooms. I don’t even know where to begin with the rad awesomeness of our new “home” when we are in LA (as we will be staying there from now on…) so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:
see more on my Flickr account.

To round out the trip, on our way to the airport we made a detour to Hollywood to have a Pink’s hotdog. Well worth the trip for this retro local standby.

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