travelling my way :)

A friend of mine, Catherine Young, is amazing at capturing the best moments and expressions of her friends- these are from her trip to NYC. I wish I had a link to give you, but I saw these on facebook...

I'm so excited to be going home for the holiday on about a week, but I think the best part about this trip is that I'm driving. I'm hugely against checking baggage when I fly, so everytime I go home, I manage to cram everything into a carry-on and a 'small personal item.' That means that I have to be really frugal with what I take home, and that I don't have my own means of transportation while I'm at home... I tend to feel a litttttle stuck.

Well, for Christmas, I'm fortunately driving up meaning that I'll not only be able to pack as much as I can fit in my car, but I can also take myself wherever I choose to go in the Cleveland area!

This is probably the best time of the year to have that kind of freedom- can you imagine the lights & snow in Cleveland, begging to have their pictures taken by yours truly and my "new" (to me) canon slr? I'm pumped.

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traphic signs said...

you got an slr?!?!?! when where how who?

i am sooooooooo JEALOUS!!!