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One blog I visit almost daily and post about pretty frequently is Keeping Up With MK, blogging photography and experiences by MaryKate McKenna, out of the D.C. area. Besides taking unbelievable photos, she's pretty well-rounded when it comes to paying attention to the world around us.

She just posted pictures from a trip to Burma- these are (of course) amazing. Check 'em out.

On that note, one of my coworkers in Colorado is taking a leave of absence soon to travel through Central and South America for A YEAR with his wife. I'm not sure what their specific plan of action is, but I know they've made arrangements (and been making them for about three years) to do this responsibly, from paying bills ahead of time, timing this with apartment leases, and saving up at least enough money.

They're blogging their experiences leading up to the trip and soon blogging the experiences they'll have while on their trip, from what they can (and can't) pack to their anxiety and fears going into this experience. Like with most traveling, I think they're aware that the after-effects of this experience will probably be almost as challenging as the trip itself. Something else to check-in on...

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