jewelry organization

After some great inspiration via Blueprint and Design Sponge, I decided to do a lil jewelry organization overhaul.

I had these antlers in my living room for a while and decided they needed new life. So I drilled 2 holes in each set (a very smelly process) and then I mounted them to the wall to use as my necklace hanger. This was much more appealing than my row of unsightly nails I was using before.

Then after an afternoon trip through the neighborhood, I saw these bracelets displayed on a collection of vases at forty five ten. I didn't have a bunch of vases laying around but i dod have this collection of science beakers. So i put them to use for my bracelets.

a catchall bowl i bought at an antique store and a martini glass for brooches and I was set. I still need a groovy place fior my earrings... i'll keep ya updated as to what I come up with.

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Joslyn said...

looks AWESOME e!