Keilhauer Calendar, 2006

In 2006 Keilhauer put out a monthly calendar, full of resolutions. Some of my coworkers in Boulder kept it and were kind enough to share it with me while I was out there- some of them are hillarious- here are my favorites:

. I will not let my blood pressure be affected by TV shows that make it look like you can do a total renovation in 24 hours.
. In spite of current trends otherwise, I will find a way to keep all of my clutter... in my minimalist apartment.
. I will not believe that any color other than black is "the new black."
. I will remember that not everyone knows what I am talking about when I say 'sense of arrival' or 'focal vistas.'
. I will realize that I am not fooling my client when I say, "we can try that."
. I will simplify my life by discarding books and articles I have on simplifying my life.
. I will have a new-found tolerance for people who call me an interior decorator.
. One day a week, I will bravely not wear a watch.
. I will spend more time considering my selection of holiday gifts than planning how I will wrap them.
. I will stop nodding my head in agreement to references of artistic movements I have simply never heard of.
. I will stop using ringtones as a form of self expression.
. I will not gawk in stunned disbelief at someone who doesn't recognize the names Prada, Citterio, Starck, Commes des Garcons, or Karim.
. Eclectic is not a word I will use instead of "oops!"
. I will wear color.

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