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I check-in on the i.arc first year blog.folio from time to time, and have a few people's individual pages bookmarked, as well.

A while ago I posted about a few students' blogs that I displayed their abilities pretty well, or that showed a decent amount of attention to the design of the BLOG and not just the work covered there.

There's one person's site, 'a visual sampler,' that I liked before, and I THINK i like it just as well, now. At traphic signs we're still working on ideas and designs for the header of our page- something we keep putting-off, but liz brown is getting the hang of this kind of thing (not that we have, we've just seen people who have done really well with designing their sites- keeping up with mk, design*sponge, drewB, and of course, suzanne buchanan!).

A Visual Sampler not only seems to have a good way of keeping her page really simple and neutral, but has some pretty decent work (especially for first year) displayed, as well. I'm particularly fond of the scale figures- why waste time with detail? They're just there for SCALE!

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Liz said...

Thanks so much, guys! Your post is very encouraging to a fledgling first year! I appreciate your opinions and strive to improve from your feedback.
Your blog is helpful for me, too, and knowing that you guys are IARC grads, I like to check out what you're doing as well. Big thanks!