Heather's House

This weekend I went over for visit 1 of many (I'm sure) to a friend's house. Heather Miller is one of the girls we went to school with who ALSO settled in Charlotte after graduating and now works for a firm here to support her insanely diverse grouping of hobbies + crafts. This girl does everything from glass-blowing to felting, and has just purchased a 43 year old house to showcase her ever-unique style.

I took a couple mid-progress pictures- she's painting / re-covering / re-finishing almost everything in the house, but still managing to keep all of those great mid-century characteristics that made her fall in love with it. I promised I wouldn't post any pictures until she was comfortable with the "after" shots to compare the progress, but as a hint, she's done-up an entire bedroom around this bedding from IKEA- the wall color, I think she said, is titled "hot." It's hard to see it in the image (thanks a lot, IKEA) but the quilt-covers have all kinds of reds, pinks, oranges, and golds- it's kind of impressive for the price. It's an amazing room- can't wait to see what she does with the rest of the place!

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