high school musical

On friday night I accompanied my friend Shannon to the annual musical at Woodrow Wilson here in Dallas. My friend Sean (Shannon's fiance) is the music director there so it was a real treat to see him at work. They performed Sound of Music. It was an incredible show. The caliber of detail they put out for the show was pretty spectacular. The costumes were phenomonal and the talent of the kids was awesome!! I was really impressed. I recommend to anyone to go and see their show next year no matter what it may be because this school puts forth its all to make it a great show.

Now the architecture of the school is a whole other category. They were put on the historical registry and the gothic detail in parts of the school were really impressive. read more about it here.


Shannon said...

You are too kind. I appreciated your company and was glad you got the opportunity to share in something that has been a major part of Sean and I's lives since he began teaching 5 years (wow!) ago. I'd love to get these photos from you!

Rina said...

This is great and beautiful! The sound of music is my favourite movie and of course the music is amazing even nowadays, it´s really timeless. I would like to see something like this, on a theatre.
The building and architecture is really nice too.
So long!

traphic signs said...

Another friend of mine went to see a musical at a high school around here recently and said she was incredibly impressed, too- either they've gotten better since we were there, or we give them more credit these days...

The school looks gorgeous- it's interesting how the look of a school can really speak for the area it services & the time period in which it was built.


traphic signs said...

kelley- what school was it that they saw the musical at in charlotte?
Northwest? if so... they are an arts school and they do incredible musicals!! i saw a few while i was in school there.

i think you just have to find the right school. :/ nothing has really changed. haha.