New Planner!

Right now I have a plain-old moleskine that serves both as a notebook and a (homemade) planner- pages of monthly grids. I love having everything in one place, but as I've taken less than 6 months to go through the notebook and am now having to transfer to both a new notebook AND a new planner, my system has failed me..

Sooo... I've got things to use as notebooks here- ones that I wasn't AS crazy about and have thus shoved to the side for the time-being. Transferring to a new planner mid-year is something I'm not okay with. Coming from a family that plans trips 2-3 years in advance, I think I've found the perfect solution.

I just ordered this 5 YEAR PLANNER from fredflare and am hoping that it holds up for at least two of the five years - or at least that I don't get sick of it / bored before then.


suzanne said...

Wow Kelley...that's courageous!! But...I totally understand your reasons behind getting it. I hate the time it takes to catch up with a planner at the start of a new year. Now you won't have to worry about that for a really, really long time!

I wonder how much the planner weighs?

Rina said...

This is great! A really stupid thing happends to me about this kind of books: I have a beautifull book planner with a painting by Michellangelo, but I never use it, not only this one, I have another one with a beautiful image of flowers, etc, But finally I never use these books. I want to write something hat really matters. Maybe I need to start writing them anyway...