Resisting the Urge for More Clutter...

Getting ready for a move always makes me ache for new pieces and finds in the next place... Last night I got in these curtains that I mentioned I'd ordered from Anthropologie- they were on clearance, so I wasn't picky when the only available length was 108", but my GOODNESS they are long! At least they'll pool nicely on the floor...until the puppy tears them to shreds... hmm.

Now I'm in this inexplainable search for a "new" (to me) piece for the house. I'm out of room in my bedroom, seems as though we're set for the living room, and I'm trying to adapt Erin's method of buying things only on her list by refusing to purchase anything that'll contribute to my growing collection of clutter and / or soon-to-be-Goodwill donations.

I'm also relatively out of money and resources, but I can't help but scour craigslist and ebay for the next accent- for instance, wouldn't these chairs look AWESOME recovered in some other fabric? Love the shape...love the price... hmmm.

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traphic signs said...

those are awesome... how much were they?
that is almost worth the splurge... the shape is awesome.

sorry im an inabler