Stop to smell the sand.

Erin's cousin (I think?) Joslyn posted recently about an upcoming beach trip she plans to take with her family- just reading her descriptions about past trips and planning for this one, even as different as the preparations are from mine (sunscreen + new bathingsuits for her girls vs. a working blender and tanning oil for me..), made me cringe as I realize that my next trip down to the coast won't be until the first weekend in June.

Growing up in Ohio and maintaining a vacation spot in Hilton Head (along with the rest of the midwest) I got pretty used to a 13+ hour drive to the coast, so when I moved to Charlotte and realized my haven was a short 4-5 hours away, I feel as though I should be there every weekend during the summer!

There's something about the beach- or any beach that I've seen thus far- no matter what time of day / year it is, that instantly relaxes me. I think most of the time we end up arriving at night, in the middle of the night, or the extreme early morning, whether coming from Ohio or leaving after work from the Carolinas. Even in the dark, rolling down the windows as soon as you hit the bridge onto the island makes everything worth it. I've gone with family, friends, boyfriends (now ex-boyfriends..), and by myself- doesn't matter who you're with as long as you're there.

I've got several trips planned for this summer- some with the family, some without, all with the new puppy. Can't wait!

(ps: the puppy is due to be born TOMORROW!!!!)

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