erin's trip to germany!

My little baby sister (erin- 17 yrs. old) is in Goslar, Germany, until July 11th. She just left the States yesterday afternoon and, of course, US Airways lost her luggage after a rushed connection. They stick to what they're good at, hmm?

Anyways, any tips for settling-in to a country with a foreign language, foreign food, without your own belongings for AT LEAST another day or so?


traphic signs said...

find a grocery store and fast! i am so sorry that this happened to her! damn connecting flights.

hopefully she packed some clean underwear and toothpaste in her carry on.

best of luck to her unplanned adventure!

erin said...

sadly, i didnt pack underwear...quickly learned that that was a bad choice on my part. we had to go buy tacky pink panther underwear (the cheapest around) while we waited 2 days for our luggage.

needless to say, we stunk.