kerala : anthropologie

So, even though I'm totally tapped for money these days (who isn't?) I decided to peruse the 'home' section of the sale at anthropologie, where I saw this rug- the Kerala Semi-Circle Rug. Usually it wouldn't grab me so much, but it would look PERFECT next to my bed / in front of Jane's crate! Sorry the picture from my bedroom is blurry- its one of the only ones I had that *accidentally* showed the curtains I've got in my bedroom (also from anthropologie- ON SALE!!). It would look great in there... and for $29.99 it's a pretty good price... but with a puppy that's still working on house-training, a wool professional-clean-only rug doesn't seem too practical.

*oh well...*


traphic signs said...

san you please post a better picture of your room and those lovely curtains?!?!

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