laser cut felt

Well, while we are on the subject of Laser Cut felt.... I think this is the perfect time to mention my lovely laser cut felt placemats I picked up in Aarhus, Denmark. Now these were about $10 a piece once converted to US$ but they were one of the few things that I bought while I was over there. I am terrible, because not only do I not remember the designer (although I distinctly remember the cashier assuring me that they were a danish designer), I don't remember the shop name either.

So... if anyone can enlighten me please! They came in several other colors, Kelley this might be a good alternative... if we can get the source.

I have found myself leaving them out on the table all the time and throwing random dinner parties because I love them sooooo much.

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CC said...

SOOO cute! I love them! I want some! Do I have to go to Denmark to get them? Cause that's fine...any excuse for a trip. :)