the start of my "mid-twenties"

When I got home from work yesterday I found-out what the construction on South Blvd was- we don't have water... So, at this point (8:30 the next morning) we're still without water. That means we're without showers and laundry (and flushing toilets), as well. Camping is one thing... camping in your apartment is another...

I found out it should be back on by lunch today so I came into work extra early (when I would usually be showering!) so I can take a long lunch to put myself back-together once it's back-on.

Soooo... I decided to work on something REALLY important: a birthday list :)
My birthday isn't until early-August, but parents like to plan ahead, right? Here's the list I sent- for inspiration- to the family :)

. retractable leash for a BIG dog
. mini-vacuum / dust-buster
. bissel mini deep-cleaner
. blender
. sheets
. set of knives
. eagles greatest hits CD
. keyboard skin - this is awesome... might not use it as much as i think i will, but it's still cool :)
. hip hip large hobo, ninewest- also really cute- in the "saddle" / beige color.

Everything except the last three things seems really, really, really, boring- I guess that's what happens when you grow-up? Downsizing from two roommates to one has left a few gaps in what we collectively have in our kitchen- hence the blender, knives, vacuum and deep-cleaner.

*still making a birthday list at almost 24- is that embarrassing?

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Joslyn said...

you're never too old to make a birthday list!