Vegas Boneyard

A week ago I was in Vegas for a little pre-pre set up and we had some very rare downtime one day. Oh the luxury! Gregg had wanted to go to the Morelli house for sometime and I had wanted to check out the Vegas neon boneyard. We were going to attempt to do both before we had to head to the airport.

We almost didn't get to do either because of the strict appointment policy that both of them have. WE did get to go to the Boneyard because we begged and pleaded and used out god given patience and waited it out to see if there were any no-shows so we could go in. as luck would have it we did.

I took some really rad photos and am really excited about them so I made a lil coffee table book at blurb. You can get one too if you are so inclined. Just follow the link in the column to the right labeled from erin.

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