i.arc summer 08 thesis critiques

I'm sorry I've not posted anything in about two weeks- my head just wasn't in the game.
HOWEVER : last night I went up to Greensboro to the old alma mater to see the thesis presentation for this year's fifth year summer studio, mainly in support of Whitney :)

The projects looked really, really, really great- I come in to these with a pretty harsh, judgmental attitude- the "in my day we walked up hill both ways..." kind of attitude. But I was actually pretty blown away- especially considering these people only had ten weeks to get the work done. Here are a few pictures of just a few of the 25 projects, and a group photo of everyone involved- students, faculty, etc... Suzanne, of an open sketchbook, was actually one of the faculty this year, and from what people were saying last night, she did an amazing job, so congrats to her, as well :) (suzanne- let me know if you want any of the SIX group photos I have and I'll email them to you!)

proof that things haven't changed : somewhere to sleep within the studio:

rowland and I with our little graduate :)


traphic signs said...

congrats to everyone!! you especially Whitney!!

the projects look great!

suzanne said...

Thanks Kelley. I'll slip you your twenty later.