I'm back! (again)

I know I've been completely M.I.A. now for about a month - sorry to kick-off 2009 on such a poor habit! The good news : I still have a job!

Even though our current lease isn't up for another 9 months (and I love living here!) I'm starting to think that with a new place could come a couple new additions / modifications to me / my style. I would LOVE a new bedroom set, but considering that I'm a perfect example of champagne taste on a beer budget, I might have to D.I.Y.-it to get what I want. Here are my thoughts... thoughts?

I'm also thinking that my living room scheme could use some tweeking... stay tuned for that :)

ps: e - I think we need something new for the blog... a new banner at the top? new color scheme? lets brainstorm :)

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