gray & red? am I crazy?

In response to this "blue and green" argument you seem to be fighting with yourself- I'm nowhere near convinced that you've kicked the habit, I started thinking about what my new scheme is. I might need some help on this- my old fave's were...lime green with black / white? I can't figure it out. Either way, that seemed a bit out-dated and a little too vibrant to be able to take myself seriously... so I've revised the scheme. I wish I had pictures of my room, or I wish it was clean enough to TAKE pictures to show you right now, but I'm in need of some help for this huge, massive, empty wall I've got in there.
I've still got the light wood- maple?- bed frame from IKEA - the MALM - and those two vintage / retro pieces- the desk & the antique sewing table (which holds my TV for now). I painted the wall behind the desk a really nice gray & have a collection of black frames with white matts, holding black and white photos, all varied sizes.
Basically, I'm going with the gray / black - white / and RED scheme to go with my varied shades of wood- call me crazy, but its starting to take shape. I bought this bedding from EQ3 and I REALLY like the white / gray simplicity of it- the gray almost matches my wall- a little darker, but same family.
Here's the challenge: I have the opposite wall from the gray one- nothing sits against it, nothing hanging on it.. it needs some lovin. I've got a lot of the gray paint leftover- I was thinking some kind of retro flower graphic painted on the wall? Maybe some mirror design instead? I really like this bamboo situation from BLIK, but I feel like the bamboo craze is a little asian / played-out for my taste... make sense? Help!

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