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Ummm...hello... remember that dream I have of one day owning the iPhone? Well, it just got a little bit closer to becoming reality. I don't know if you saw the release yesterday, but Apple has come out with a few tricks up their sleeve.
First, they introduced this little number, the iPod Touch, which is basically the iPhone without the phone. I'm not sure how I feel about this- kind of seems like a cop-out. Actually, I really like the idea of the touch-screen iPod, I just wish they hadn't designed it to live in the shadow of the iPhone quite so much. I picture myself walking down the street, jamming out to my new iPod Touch, and someone stops me and says, "is that the iPhone?!?! SWEET!" and there I am, head down, and I have to say, "nope... no phone... just the touch..." I know it's cheaper, and I know sometimes you don't want the phone, let alone the forced AT&T contract, and you just want the touch, but... does that make sense?
Also, SPEAKING of the iPhone, Apple did something they rarely do. They cut the price. Originally, you had two options when purchasing your little piece of treasure: 4GB, $500; 8GB, $600. Now, they've completely done-away with this 4GB option (sorry to those of you that spent your life's savings on it, only to have it phased out within months...) and they've changed the price of the 8GB to $400 ($399 to be exact). So, we're looking at more bang for your buck, months after the release, and a copy-cat version.
I kind of wish Apple had stuck to their guns a little bit more, and I REALLY wish they'd come out with a different looking iPod Touch- this is like the iPhone's cousin- still cool, still smart, still worth being friends with, but not QUITE as good as the first guy. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

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traphic signs said...

haha. so funny. i was listening to NPR this morning and they were talking about it. of course you got to it first!!! i agree though, its a cop out. and $400for the 8gb isn't so bad, i was considering a blackberry pearl but those are $299 i might as well get something cooler and better for a mere $100 more.