So a few months ago the yellow fever was going around. I thought you had caught it too. I remember a conversation that we had that about doing your room in red, YELLOW, grey and black. hmmm, anyway here is a site that might get your brain working... Style Files. I really like the idea of the plain yellow canvases. You could do a series of those as a minamalist statement, maybe all different shades of yellows or shapes of canvases but real graphic.

OR, i know you like all those retro vintage prints. what if you found images of a bunch of those, maybe even some with yellow and red, then frame them in the Ikea silver Ribba frames. to stay with your grey theme.

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traphic signs said...

Beautiful- I don't think I'm ready to mix in the yellow with the gray without it looking too McDonalds- not good for my diet- but I like the idea of the canvases. Vintage posters are something I considered, but it gets tricky to keep that up without it looking like a dorm room, translated into an apartment with the help of a couple of frames. I really like the idea of doing the canvases though... maybe in red since I don't have very much red going on in there right now. I have the gray paint I used for the accent wall- thoughts of doing a REALLY understated, really small graphic to tie the canvases together? This could get expensive... maybe I'll just paint the red rectangles directly on the wall... I'm going to have to re-paint when we move-out anyways b/c of the gray wall... I might as well. Could look really hot if I do that and then trim them in moulding painted in that gray... hmmmmmm...is that too "trading spaces?"