Ohio State

As you know, I'll be headed up to Columbus, OH with Katie and Amanda to see my two sisters this weekend. Who knows what we'll find to keep ourselves occupied, but I'm hoping we'll be able to hop over to the campus for just a little bit so I can grab a few pictures. While I was looking for things to do online this morning I found a few buildings on campus that, as if I ever had any doubt, hold up to the excellence that is Ohio State.

This is the School of Architecture Library- by Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects. I read a little bit about it this morning and it brought back flashbacks from our days in studio- "When considering this library as part of the program for their school of architecture, the faculty wanted to create an information and knowledge resource that also could serve as a reflective space away from the work environment of the design studios." I think that's what they were starting to develop in our resource library at UNCG- not sure if you got a chance to see it built, erin- with the chaise lounges and space to relax and read-up. This is my favorite part: "This two-story glass-box, book-lined 'room' accommodates 30,000 volumes and seating for 70 people in 40 table seats and 30 lounge chairs- each designed by a famous architect or designer." I'm so jealous.

This building, I really found by accident... I took these pictures while I was there a couple of years ago of it being constructed. We were driving around the night I got into town, just as Meagen was starting school there (so proud!) and kind of stumbled upon it. I LOVE the red band- buckeye pride!- and am really crazy about the way this place looks at night. After coming home and doing a little bit of research recently on it, I found out this building is the Recreation and Physical Activites Center- RPAC- and is up and running, fully functional. This picture I definitely borrowed from it's website, but I'm hoping to grab a few of my own this weekend. Nonetheless, still gorgeous, as expected.

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