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Benihana and I went to the Kimbell and The Modern in Fort Worth on Sunday. I got duped... well not really. We went to the Kimbell first and I offered to pay there if he paid at the Modern. He reluctantly agreed thinking that I knew I was getting the better deal. As the lady was running my card, Ben starts making small talk about how busy it is that day. The lady then informs us that it is free day at the Modern... I got duped.

We did a quick tour of the Kimbell as we really wanted to go to the Modern more. The architecture was pretty ingenious as to how they were able to let natural light in, while still protecting the art. The Modern was really fun. There was an exhibit by
Ron Mueck. It was disturbing, thought-provoking and very cool all at once. The picture below is one of the statues on exhibition. So, lifelike. I thought they would turn and talk at any moment. and he was a creator of puppets in the Labyrinth.... I knew I liked this guy!!

The building itself was very cool I'd rate it in my top ten favorites. Good thing Robert made us research that one! It was strange knowing the floor plan and never having been there. It would be a great place for a special event.

To make up for the admission fiasco I got a book out of it. World Changing:A Users Guide for the 21st Century. Its a big book... but i'm thinking I'll get alot out of it.

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