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Not so much related to design, but still worthy of a mention:

This past weekend I was at the Virginia Tech / ECU football game- the first game of the season- and it was pretty intense. Erin, knowing you're a huge hokies fan, trying to keep up the spirit over there in Texas, I know you'll appreciate this. Well, we started tailgating at the crack of dawn, as was expected from the crowd I was with, and then went into the game about an hour before it started. Well, about half an hour before kick-off, there was a tribute that had been prepared, part of a series of dedications to those that were injured and killed in the shooting back in April. There was a little movie that was prepared- not a dry eye in the house after that one, and then select members of the marching band / whoever on the field held 32 balloons with that VT / Ribbon graphic that's been used throughout the country to symbolize support of those victims. The balloons were released, ceremoniously "letting go," if you will.

After that the game went on as usual- the players seem to be a little bit down-and-out at the start of the season, especially on offense, from what I hear. Virginia Tech did beat ECU, but it wasn't by much. By the way, before I forget, a huge thanks did go out to ECU as they impressively presented VT with a check for $100,000 to help with their relief efforts. Nicely done, ECU.

After the game & tailgating, we made our way over to the new memorial constructed for the victims of the incident. The line was down and across the drill field- pretty impressive. Each person killed that day was represented by a stone marker in a semi-circle formation, and each was decorated with flowers and personal items from friends and family- it didn't really set-in until we saw those markers, with the names, and the personal notes and whatnot from these people's friends. Seeing photos, game-day stuff, beads, bouquets of flowers, etc... all of it was really impressive.

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