De La Costa

Those travel items you posted are really cool!! Speaking of travel, we sat down yesterday and started to plan out travel for our winter season... second stop on the list Chicago in mid-November. I got really excited because one of my very favorite restaurants is there, De La Costa. It is a latin restaurant with food that is pure bliss. And this is NOT an exaggeration, honestly every bite I took from appetizer to main cours to desert was truly some of the best food that I have ever had. They even had these cute "pop-tails" frozen cocktails on a stick.

What is even better about De La Costa is the whole place is an experience. The interior is all very Theatrical with old world marianettes all over the place. They have four rooms including the front waiting area, bar/seviche bar, main dining and a back room. You can tell the designer paid attention to the details. I really could go on and on about how awesome this place was but I'll let the photos speak for me. some of them are taken off the website (above) and I took a few myself (below). The website is also very well done a true representation of what the restaurant is like.

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