better living through design

This is now my new favorite website- I feel like everytime I look at it, I find more that I want or that I want for other people. Some things are "generously priced," and some are a bit more affordable. I just found the travel section, and immediately thought of you with all of your frequent travels. Some of these are so cool!

Compact Paper Soap- for the girl who doesn't have any more room in that ziploc bag in her carry-on. These are sheets of paper that, when wet, turn into soap! Of course.

Hostel Sheet- hello... we both know that while hostels offer the luxury of somewhere to sleep for cheap throughout our travels, they aren't known for their cleanliness. This sheet is sewn into a sleeping-bag shape, making it the perfect cocoon for the germophobe on the go!

In their remodel section, they are developing an eco-friendly category- right now it's pretty minimal, but I think given time, they'll get the hang of it and it could be a really cool resource.

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