new career

If you ever decide to get out of the commercial design business... here is a book that can help you. I know you have a closet devoted to craft supplies already! You can buy it at chronicle books.


traphic signs said...

Oh my goodness... there are so many things I want to do, this just adds to the list- right next to becoming a wedding planner, and probably not too far from work on a cruise ship...haha. Have you seen / read the book?? I might have to look into or possibly add it to my christmas list :)


suzanne said...

Oooooh...this is really cool! Thanks for sharing.

BTW, am I interrupting the conversation between you and Kelley...if so, let me know :)

traphic signs said...

no way suzanne!!! i was just saying i wish more people other than us commented... we love it!