Don't know if you saw this link over on the side there, but I found a site called ELSEWHERES, that sells all kinds of fun stuff... and you know how I love shopping in every form and fashion possible... so this morning I started looking. I really haven't looked through most of the stuff on there, but already I want it all.

1) There's a calendar that I love- this image, in particular- it's called the Things to Make and Do Calendar- and the artwork is really fun... love the simplicity of the pages / layout / artwork / etc.

2) I looked through the tshirts category. Some of them are somewhat humorous, some aren't so cute... but I thought this was kind of cute- not sure that I would wear it, but knowing my love for tshirts and hatred for having to put too much effort into what I wear out sometimes, I could see it with jeans and some cute jewelry to some kind of casual bar on a Friday. (ps: it's a pillow-fight. not sure how well you can see it in the given image)

3) I am in love with this ring. It's a forget-me-knot ring, and I have a feeling I'm going to be buying it soon- love love love it. I want one for myself, but I immediately thought of someone else... we'll see. Love it. Really. Love it.

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