names for a puppy?

I think I mentioned this to you, erin, but in my new apartment / home / box on the street, I am going to have a dog. I know I've had my issues with pets in the past (lets not talk about Pedro - the beta fish - or Pedro Dos, Pedro Tres, or Pedro Quatro, RIP to all of them...) but I think I'm ready...and I want one.

I'm doing my research, but I need something medium-sized- I can't handle some prissy little fuzzy thing that has to have a sweater on in sub-40 degree weather and lotion daily named Penelope... I need something a little bit more substantial. I know they have their perks and downfalls, as well, but I'm leaning towards and English Bulldog. They are stubborn, hard-headed and determined to do their own thing- sounds like my kind of dog. And would you just LOOK at these pictures of puppies- how could I resist??? So, that being said, I'm going to need ideas for names... Meagen has a chocolate lab named Lucy- once again, another brilliant idea of hers that I wish I'd come up with first... how it usually goes, right? So, start thinking- it will be a girl. And I've only got about 9 or 10 months to decide.


traphic signs said...

lola... thats my vote.

traphic signs said...

A basset hound named Lola.

...and she's even got a theme-song already!