Favor for Meagen

Katie got married 5 months ago today- it was probably one of the biggest days in our lives... or more realistically, THE biggest day in hers. None the less, as her maid of honor (and an over-achiever in all the wrong areas) I made it my goal to do everything ever considered a responsibility, gesture, or duty to the M.O.H. I spent a lot of time (and whatnot) on crafts and plans for showers, bachelorette parties, and gifts for the wedding. We made these tshirts for everyone to wear at the bach. party- huge hit, HUGE- which was on St. Patrick's Day in Greensboro, and overall, it was a really good chance for me to play around with graphics- even if I used istockphoto for A LOT of it (at least I bought whatever I used instead of stealing it..). Yes, that IS katie's face as the dancing leprechaun- we couldn't resist.

Well, Meagen's friend, Ashley, is getting married soon and she's helping to plan showers and bachelorette parties, as well... so she asked for some help on the invitation & a tshirt, as well. Really, she just needs someone with Photoshop to compile some ideas she had, but I was the lucky girl that got to do it! Now, this design was thrown together in about 30 minutes- I didn't slave over the computer all week coming up with something- but it's still cool (as a young "designer" recently out of school) to have ANYONE appreciate your work, and likewise, put it to use.

I need to work on my design-work though... I tend to have a problem with the subtleties and NOT making things so high-contrast and intense. I'll get there someday- I love other work in that style, I just struggle with when to stop.

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suzanne said...

These are both awesome Kelley..and I happen to really enjoy the high contrast. Lucky brides!

I think sometimes we just have difficult time embracing our own style...I know I do at least. I'm always wishing I was edgier or classier or whatever... But in the end I guess our style is just an extension of us and we are what we are.

I, for one, have really been inspired by something I read on the website of Christine Castro about the type of work she does...it's simple and sweet and she's happy with that.

Check out what I mean here: http://www.darlingstudio.com/services/index.html

Ok...this was officially the longest comment ever. Sorry.