my trip to Dallas!

Erin I had SUCH a good time in Dallas with you this weekend- it was great to see you, my family, and to meet everyone in your life out there.

Erin and I went to the Texas State Fair while I was in town, giving me a first-hand look at a whole part of Texas I've never seen. Fortunately, we got the full experience as one of the biggest football rivalries in the country was having their showdown this Saturday at the Cotton Bowl- Oklahoma U vs. the University of Texas. It was pretty intense, and extremely packed. I know it gets old, and I know you'd be hard-pressed to find a correlation into DESIGN, but I love the look and feel of fairs and carnivals- the lights, colors, and overload of excitement all around is something you don't see anywhere else.

We also went shopping around at the Northpark Mall (where I had a run-in with a life-changing purse at kate spade - which I'm proud to say I didn't bring home with me)- gorgeous mall. For someone who loves to shop, malls certainly do get pretty old and boring- a big shell that shields you from anything going on around you. This one, with an older-classic appeal and tons of natural light, was clearly built and designed by art lovers, in that it's full of prints, sculptures, courtyards, and (of course) some of the finest retailers ever to set-up camp in a mall. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

All in all, it was a great weekend- shorter than I would've liked- and I had a blast in Texas. I can't wait to come back to see everyone.

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