I am sooooo glad that you came and had a good time in Dallas. So for the next time I already have plans!! Hopefully you can make it sooner rather than later. I have put together a little montage of the fair below. Its too bad we missed out on the fried snickers.

Also, If you liked North Park, next time we will definitely have to go to the Nasher Sculpture Garden in Downtown. It, like North Park were both founded by Raymond Nasher.
photo from Nasher sculpture garden site


Joslyn said...

I hope you guys ate a jalapeno cheese stuffed fletchers corny dog...please say you did!

traphic signs said...

We didn't have the corn dog- we were running low on tickets and our stomachs were probably still settling from the ride we went on that threw us in every direction under the sun.

erin- I want to go to this sculpture garden!... next time...