the new/old dinner party

I was fortunate enough to leave my desk for a few hours yesterday to take our agent from Portugal shopping. I took him to all the homestores around my neighborhood. He was very interesting to talk to. Originally from Brighton, England and now lives outside of Lisbon. One of the neat things we talked about was dinner parties. He asked if people still had them and what we talked about because of the TV generation. He then told me about a game that he used to play with his friends. Each person attending the dinner party was supposed to bring an object that didn't have a obvious use. Then everyone would guess what it was for and this would spark a discussion.

I was blog jumping earlier and stumbled upon something that reminded me of this concept. On Wrong Distance, this guy talked about the sort of discussion that this photo would spark. pretty funny i thought considering my grandfather was a moonshine runner....

I think its a great idea... i'm going to try to work this into a party idea/inspiration of my own. what do you think?

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traphic signs said...

I think that sounds like a very "erin" thing to do... I can only imagine what your object would be.

...I can't think of anything I have that would fall in those guidelines! Maybe I'm just too used to it..